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The Most Anticipated Series of 2024

Wow, we live in the best time for television. The medium, which was once reviled for the size of its screen and its serialized format, has become an industry as important as cinema and a medium of artistic expression that has also surprised by the quality of its titles. Precisely for this reason, we are about to tell you about the most anticipated series of 2024.

The year we left behind gave us true television phenomena. From the end and conclusion of the addictive Succession (98%) to the emotional devastation of finishing, every Sunday, the most recent episode of The Last of Us (97%) . But in 204 we will see the return of stories that have captivated, others that will have the opportunity to achieve a better impact and a couple that have strong expectations to overcome.

Notably, the majority of the titles on our list are streaming originals. Although there are shows that have resisted traditional transmission, there is no doubt that the platforms have become one of the main ways of watching television. Without further ado, we tell you about the most anticipated series, and where we can see them, in 2024. Onward with the shows.

What are the most anticipated series of the year?

House of the Dragon, season 2

The summer phenomenon without a doubt. Whether they side with the rightful Queen Rhaenyra ( Emma D’Arcy ) or the traitor Aegon, most of the public will surely be sitting around every Sunday waiting to see how the civil war between the Targaryens progresses. With more fights, flying beasts that breathe fire, and of course a lot of sex between relatives, HBO will return us to Westeros with new episodes of this title. There is no exact release date yet, but it will most likely be no later than mid-May.

The Boy, season 4

Prime Video will have an ambitious year. First of all, with the return of their corrupt superheroes and the daring humans who give them fights. More conspiracies, a close presidential election, and Homelander’s ( Antony Starr ) murder trial will be major plot points for the new episodes. If you want more context about what’s coming for the story, remember that the Gen V spin-off is set precisely a few months before. There is also no date for the launch, but it is expected to be in the summer in mid-June, like its predecessors.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Season 2

Although it was not as surprising as expected, but on the contrary quite predictable, it cannot be denied that the return to Middle-earth was very luxurious. The showrunners have promised to make improvements, and listen to fans for new episodes, so it never hurts to give it a second chance. What you know about the season is that it will see Sauron’s attempt to rise as the Dark Lord and begin forging the titular artifacts that will allow him to be the master of all. Exclusive to Prime Video, the series will also arrive in 2024, possibly in the fall after the return of The Boys (85%).

The Penguin

After the furor over Battinson, the spin-off withColin Farrellas the infamous Oz will be one of the few DC titles arriving in 2024. The series will take place after the events ofBatman (85%), and will see this mobster’s effort to take over the criminal world after the flood of Gotham. The show was affected by the Hollywood strikes, which is why it suffered a significant delay, however the plan is still for it to premiere on HBO Max at the end of the year. Possibly before the end of autumn.

Avatar the last Airbender

Only Aang can save us! Wow, Netflix has the odds with the live-action adaptation of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon. Not only because the previous attempt was a huge failure, but because in the past it has also ruined other classic animations. AlthoughOne Piece (90%)It gave a little hope and the first images promise to be faithful to the original material, it is worth being somewhat skeptical about whether the platform could faithfully convey the story of a group of young people to stop the war that devastated their world. We will find out very soon because it will premiere on February 22 and will be the first major television event of the year.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (formerly Spider-Man: Freshmen Year)

And finally, Disney Plus and Marvel. After a disastrous 2023, the franchise will have several television titles for next year. Although it will all begin with the violent Echo , the popularity of the wall climber gives this new animated series a lot of momentum. Stylized in honor of the comics, the show will be a multiverse tale in which a young Peter Parker becomes Norman Osborn’s protégé instead of Iron Man, as occurs in the main MCU continuity. And this is how he will begin his adventures against crime starting in his first year of high school. Be ready because the spider hero will return starting November 2nd.

Creature Commandos

This animated show, written by himselfJames Gunn, will be the first official entry of the DCU, the new franchise that director is building. That is why there is great interest in seeing what story it tells and how the reboot of the saga will resolve. So far, what is known is that it will tell the story of a group of unusual creatures who are recruited by Amanda Waller. It is expected to have links withThe Suicide Squad (91%). It will be an HBO Max exclusive and its premiere is planned for the end of 2024.

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