Snoop Dogg Will Be Nbc’s Special Envoy to the Paris Olympics

Two years ago Snoop Dogg found an unexpected calling as an Olympic commentator. His program with comedian Kevin Hart for the Peacock platform became a big sensation during the past games, especially the segment during which they analyzed videos of different competitions without having any idea about the sport in question.

NBC has taken note of his success and has now offered him a position as a special envoy at Paris 2024. The rap star will provide on-the-ground coverage in prime time with his very personal style and infectious enthusiasm. Although it may not seem like it at first glance, the musician grew up following the Olympic Games on television and for him it is a dream come true to travel to the French capital to see the best athletes in the world offering the best of themselves.

“It is a celebration of skill, dedication and the pursuit of greatness,” he said.

Molly Solomon, executive producer and president of NBC Olympic production, is thrilled to be working with the music legend, predicting he will bring a “unique perspective,” not to mention the tens of millions of views he racked up during the Olympics. Tokyo, without having to set foot in the city.

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