Cardi B Slept With Her Ex Offset on New Year’s Eve, but They Haven’t Reconciled

On December 11, Cardi B announced that she had separated from Offset and that she had been single for some time, although she did not want to clarify when exactly their breakup had occurred. The rapper had been postponing the ordeal of publicly sharing the news because she didn’t know how to do it, but in the end she outweighed her desire to start 2024 with a clean slate.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to see her ex, because he is the father of her two children, and in fact, they spent Christmas Day together to celebrate as a family. It so happened that the two also had to work on the last night of the year at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami, where they had separate performances scheduled.

Since they were in the same city, Cardi and Offset decided to go out partying and ended up at a strip club where someone recorded them on the dance floor in a very affectionate attitude. The music star has never been afraid to express herself clearly in front of her fans, so she has now confirmed through Instagram that she slept with her ex because she felt like it.

“I got the impression that we connected on New Year’s Eve, we had a great time,” he clarified.

Although Cardi knows that she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone, she wanted to make it clear that the door to a future reconciliation is completely closed. She and Offset are going to therapy to solve their problems, but they do it only for the sake of their children.

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