The Most Anticipated Movies of 2024

It is time to close cycles, but more importantly: it is time to open them. And after a shaky box office, and at times surprising, 2024 has several highly anticipated films in store for us. We have compiled a list of the titles that have the most expectations and excitement about them so that they can mark the calendar. Will there be another Barbenheimer? We’ll find out.

Notably, the most anticipated films of the year are almost entirely franchise installments, between sequels, prequels, crossovers and remakes, the 2024 slate could hardly be called original. Although it is worth highlighting at least a few filmmakers who will surely give their own touch to the films they had under their care. For the first time this year, superheroes will not be the constant, that is also worth noting.

Whether they are surprises for better or worse. What is clear is that lovers of the big screen will have many options throughout the year to attend and let themselves be carried away by the audiovisual language. Without further ado, below we leave you the detailed list of the most anticipated films for 2024 and their release dates (or at least those that have until the end of 2023).

What are the most anticipated movies of 2024?

Dune Part Two

First of all, because it is the first blockbuster of 2024, we have the continuation of the adaptation by the acclaimed Denis Villeneuve. Although it was originally going to be released at the end of 2023, the strikes pushed it almost until spring. Can young Paul ( Timothée Chalamet ) regain control over Arrakis and drive out the murderous House of Harkonnen? We will have to discover it in the gritty battles that this project, much more action-packed, promises to deliver. It hits theaters on March 1.

Deadpool 3

After a year full of disasters, and with just a couple of exceptions, Marvel will have to surprise and take the ball out of the field with the crossover of the mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds that will finally reach the continuity of the MCU. Although there’s no official premise yet, we know that the mere return of David Hugh Jones as Wolverine will be enough for comic book fans. So be ready for the project to be the only film in the franchise of 2024 and for it to surprise us starting July 26.

Joker: Folie A Deux

The surprising success ofJoker (91%)ofJoaquin PhoenixIt quickly gave way to a sequel that, like its predecessor, will be a complete departure from the DC franchise. Now in the form of a musical, and with nothing more and nothing less thanLady Gagalike the psychotic Harley Quinn, this crazy romance will be the comic book firm’s only bet for this year. Can fans endure the singing and dancing to finally see both clowns lose their minds? We’ll find out. It premieres on October 4, try to keep a big smile on your faces until then.

Beetlejuice 2

The late sequel, for which they returnTim Burtonand Michael Keatonhas many with high expectations. Although it will be a matter of time to see if it fulfills them, and achieves the impact of another likeTop Gun: Maverick (98%), at the moment we know that Lydia (Winona Ryder) will return and his daughter, played byJenna Ortega, will be the protagonist. More spooky worlds await us starting September 6 when this film is scheduled to hit theaters.

Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire

After the furor over Godzilla: Minus One (98%), continues the kaijumania with this sequel to Legendary’s MonsterVerse. After epically facing each other in the previous installment, now the most radioactive reptile in cinema and the most giant ape on the big screen will have to team up to face an even greater threat that is hidden inside the planet. The titans will fight together in theaters starting April 12.

Kung Fu Panda 4

From animation, we can expect the return of all movie buffs’ favorite martial bear. Po (Jack Black) will return to his old ways now to enter Zhen (Awkwafina), a little fox who could take the Dragon Warrior’s staff. Together they must face the Chameleon, a villain who can replicate the fighting style of her opponents. The film will debut on March 29, so get ready to take the little ones.

Inside Out 2

Do you remember how you survived adolescence? Well Riley is going to need some advice. The young protagonist ofIntense Mind (98%)He will return, along with all his emotions, next summer. And since it went viral, the new character who will do his thing will be Ansiedad. Pixar will bet on this sequel after fighting uphill withElements (70%)this year, so we will have to see if it recaptures the fans. The film hits theaters on June 14.


After stealing screen in Mad Max: Fury Road (97%), the iconic post-apocalyptic warrior returns. Now performed byAnya Taylor-Joy, this story will be the origin of the mercenary who had enough of Immortal Joe’s patriarchy in the previous installment. The trailer was disconcerting due to its effects, but they still have time to polish them given that the film will be released on May 24. Remember to save water so you don’t end up like this, by the way.


Nothing better to get us in the Christmas spirit than a vampire, right? Well get ready because the new version of the classic story about a non-living count and a maiden will be back on December 25. The remake was directed by the acclaimed Robert Eggers, who has been developing it for years, and most recently directed The North Man (87%). It will haveBill Skarsgårdin the title role and withLily-Rose Deppas the female lead. To store garlic and wooden stakes.

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim

For animation lovers, one of the most anticipated projects is undoubtedly this spin-off. Although we have only seen concept art, it is known that the idea is that it is an anime film and that it will tell the story of the legendary king of Rohan who, in the appendices of the novels, leads a great battle for which names Helm’s Deep. Expectations, as they would be with anything related to the franchise, are high and the feature film is expected to hit theaters on December 13.

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