Taylor Swift Has Sold One of Her Two Private Jets

Singer Taylor Swift has been criticized in recent days for the recurring use of her private jet to travel quickly and comfortably around the world. In fact, in recent days there has been speculation that, thanks to her powerful aircraft, the pop diva will arrive in Las Vegas in time to see her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at the Super Bowl taking place this Sunday. , February 11th. The artist is currently in Tokyo, where she has already offered the first of her four concerts in the Japanese capital: the last one is scheduled for Saturday, February 10.

Curiously, the American performer decided to sell one of her private jets at the end of January. This is confirmed by the official record of the United States Federal Aviation Administration, which indicates that the exclusive device, a Dassault Falcon 900, has a new owner since the 30th of last month. It is a limited company called Triangle Real Estate, whose registered office in Missouri coincides with that of the well-known vehicle insurer CarShield, whose managing director is the media businessman Nick Hamilton.

The amount of the transaction is unknown, although it is estimated that the value of a Falcon 900 could be around $44 million, according to sources consulted by the news portal TMZ. However, Swift has by no means renounced the benefits of his favorite means of transportation, since the star still has another plane: also from the manufacturer Dassault, but belonging to the 7X model, which has a more voluminous passenger cabin. and, therefore, with capacity for more travelers.

This private jet is the one that the singer-songwriter would have been using intensively in recent days, to attend last Sunday’s Grammy ceremony, held in Los Angeles, and to travel to Tokyo with the supposed plan to fly to Las Vegas on Sunday. Vegas and support your guy at the game. So much hustle and bustle has been the subject of a meticulous tracking by a university student, named Jack Sweeney, who intends to publicly point out the singer for the environmental impact of these on-demand flights, which are estimated to emit two tons of carbon dioxide. of carbon into the atmosphere over the course of an hour.

The artist’s legal team has threatened Sweeney with suing him for publicly revealing the details of his travels, which he considers contrary to his right to privacy and a form of harassment. This guy has rejected the cease and desist letter he’s already received from Swift’s lawyers, defending his actions under informational “transparency” and the public interest. At the time, a spokesperson for the interpreter made public her commitment to financially offset the volume of her emissions, by purchasing credits, but for many that gesture is not enough.

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