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Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Words of Support She Receives From Ben Affleck in Her Moments of Insecurity

Jennifer Lopez counts the few days left until the release of her album ‘This Is Me… Now’, the sequel to her acclaimed album ‘This Is Me… Then’, released 22 years ago. The Bronx diva’s new work will be released on February 16, but that’s not all. The artist has now presented an audiovisual project, ‘This Is Me… Now: A Love Story’, which has helped her build an original plot based on the theme of the album, which is none other than her renewed love story with actor Ben Affleck.

The film, which recreates the couple’s joint career based on metaphors and allegories, will arrive on the Prime Video platform on the same day as the album’s release. For direction, the music star has trusted Dave Meyers, a renowned video clip director who has been awarded a Grammy Award, but the script is mainly written by the artist herself.

The performer has acknowledged that she faced the initiative with a lot of insecurity, since she frequently doubts her artistic abilities. However, from the first moment the actress also knew that she was the one who had to lead the project, without prejudice to the commendable work of her collaborators.

Fortunately, her husband was instrumental in regaining confidence in herself and her creative judgment. “Sometimes I was like, ‘I just don’t write, this isn’t my thing.’ for who you truly are,'” Lopez revealed this Thursday during the presentation of the film.

Both the album and the film address the wide range of emotions that the artist experienced from her traumatic separation from Affleck in 2004, shortly after their failed marriage engagement, to the moment of happiness that overcomes her after the two lovers gave her a second chance at their relationship in 2021. Just one year later, the couple finally passed through the altar to put the finishing touch to a “magical and sometimes surreal” journey.

“I got into the studio and recorded this record, and when I finished I said to myself, ‘There’s a lot more to tell about this story.’ There was something bigger that I needed to do with this music. But because I didn’t know exactly what to do, we ended up creating something which I had never done before, because it does not fit into a specific category. It is not a typical film, but it is not a video clip either. The important thing is that it is a story told in a very original way,” he explained.

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