Rebel Moon: Ed Skrein Says Zack Snyder’s Special Cut Is Superior

Rebel Moon (Part One): The Fire Girl (30%) arrived on the Netflix platform a few days ago and quickly became the most viewed title of the moment. Although the reviews are not particularly dazzling, in fact there are quite mixed ones, the numbers are good, so the sequel is imminent. Ed Skrein , one of the stars of the film, interviews The Hollywood Reporter and declares that Zack Snyder ‘s special cut is superior and that the version we now have on Netflix pales next to it.

Zack Snyder dreamed up an ambitious project through Rebel Moon and filmed R-rated scenes that were cut from the final product but added to his special cut. Right now it is being assumed that this version will arrive sooner or later on Netflix and that it will forever change the perspective we have on this incredible space opera. Ed Skrein has things clear and assures that the new Snyder Cut is better:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember anyone doing this before, especially filming two different movies and a PG-13 version and an R-rated version. Knowing what we filmed for the R-rated version, Zack and Netflix did an incredible job when putting together the PG-13 version. So it was always an interesting proposition to see what they did with the PG-13 version, and I was very pleased. I feel like it’s a really strong piece, but the shadow of the Snyder Cut looms large. My son is 12 years old, he came to the premiere in London and he loved it. He also brought my godson, my nephew, and his best friend, and they loved it, because [the PG-13 version] is really for that demographic. I feel like it has the potential to be something pivotal for that demographic. But the R-rated version, the Snyder Cut, “the extended cut,” as we’re supposed to call it, has the potential to be something pivotal for the older generation.

The genius

Zack Snyder , renowned American filmmaker, has forged a film career characterized by his distinctive visual style and bold approach to directing genre films. With movies like 300 (60%), Snyder demonstrated his ability to bring epic stories to the big screen with a striking and stylized visual style. His use of slow motion, detailed visual composition, and a distinctive color palette became hallmarks of his style, creating an immersive and aesthetically memorable cinematic experience.

Another key work in Snyder ‘s filmography is The Man of Steel (55%), where he applied his unique vision to the superhero genre by reinventing the Superman mythos in a darker, more thoughtful way. His focus on exploring ethical dilemmas and characters’ vulnerability layered with his ability to deliver visually stunning action sequences has left a lasting mark on the superhero genre. Throughout his career, Snyder has maintained a distinctive style that fuses visual aesthetics with narrative, earning him a prominent place in the contemporary film industry.

Snyder has played a pivotal role in pioneering the idea of ​​the “director’s cut” as a means for filmmakers to share their full creative vision with audiences. His experience withWatchmen, The Watchers (65%)and, most notably, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (27%)generated significant interest in its original, unedited versions of the films. Fan demand and support from online movements led Warner Bros. and HBO Max to launchZack Snyder’s Justice League (82%), an extended version of Justice League that reflected the director’s original vision. This event marked a milestone in the film industry by showing that filmmakers can regain creative control and offer viewers a more authentic and complete experience, which has influenced public perception and expectation towards director’s cuts.

The campaign for the Snyder Cut has also helped change the conversation around film authorship and the relationship between studios and directors. Snyder has become a symbol of the importance of respecting the filmmaker’s vision and has inspired other directors to fight for the presentation of their uncompromised versions of films. Snyder ‘s push toward the director’s cut has redefined the role of the filmmaker in film production and influenced how audiences perceive and value works of cinema in their most authentic and original form.


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