Rebel Moon 2: First Trailer Promises the Start of the Fight Against the Mother World

We didn’t have to wait until we saw more of Rebel Moon (Part One): The Fire Girl (30%). Although the first part ends abruptly and just after a first affront against the Mother World, Netflix wastes no time, much less the festivities. Well, we already have the trailer for Rebel Moon Part 2, the continuation of this story with which Zack Snyder intends to start an entire franchise with the platform.

What is the second part of Rebel Moon about?

In the trailer, Kora ( Sofia Boutella ) and her newly recruited warriors prepare for battle against the forces of the empire under the training of General Titus (Djimon Hounsou). The threat becomes clear when the protagonist reminds an enemy commander that her intention is the same as when she murdered him (because she has revived), to finish him off. The full title of the project is Rebel Moon Part 2: The Warrior Who Leaves Marks.

After a successful first weekend in which it occupied the first position on Netflix, the platform must be satisfied and that is why it wanted to take advantage of the furor to show a preview of what is to come. Notably, what has not been revealed is when we will be able to see the extended cut, the new Snyder Cut, oh, of the first installment, although we have been promised that it will eventually be released.

The release of the director’s cut could give it an extra boost. Unlike Zack Snyder’s Justice League (82%), Rebel Moon failed to impress for several reasons, but one of them was the lack of depth in the characters due to the length of the film. That is to say, as has become customary, perhaps with more time on screen the filmmaker can deliver something that engages more people with a more complete story.

Previously, Snyder had confirmed that the second part was still in post-production. So everything seems to indicate that it will manage to meet its release date of April 19. This will make it one of the first projects that Netflix will have as summer approaches and one of the stellar ones after the numerous delays caused by the Hollywood strikes a few months ago.

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