Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez Give 1,000 Euro Bags to Their 6-Year-Old Daughters for Christmas

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez celebrated Christmas in Riyadh with their five children: Cristiano Junior, the twins Mateo and Eva, little Alana and the youngest Bella Esmeralda. The influencer has once again been in charge of sharing some of the moments they have shared as a family these days through Instagram, including several photos of the gifts that Santa Claus has brought them.

Eva and Alana Martina, both six years old, found two Louis Vuitton Alma BB bags under the Christmas tree. It is a model adorned with the legendary print of the brand, one of her mother’s favorites, and it costs around 1,500 euros. Some of Georgina’s followers have criticized her for giving such an expensive gift to the little ones, although to be fair, they are not the only famous parents who buy their children miniature versions of their favorite luxury items.

Cardi B, for example, has bought Birkin bags and personalized diamond necklaces for her firstborn Kulture, who already has a closet full of designer pieces. Her reasoning is that the image that is projected in public is of crucial importance in the rap scene where she operates, and therefore, her daughter must project the same sense of wealth as her.

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