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A Gang of Thieves Attacks the Mansion of Footballer Jack Grealish With Ten of His Relatives Inside

This Wednesday, footballer Jack Grealish and a good part of his family experienced one of the biggest scares of their lives, especially the latter. A group of thieves accessed the brand new mansion that the athlete recently acquired in Cheshire, in the north of England, and stole a wide range of watches and jewelry worth more than a million pounds, as reported by The Sun newspaper.

The most worrying thing of all is that around ten of his loved ones were inside the house at the time of the event, which occurred while the forward was playing a match in the city of Liverpool with his Manchester City teammates. In fact, the attacker’s fiancée, Sasha Atwood, his parents and other family members had gathered in front of the television to see the soccer star in action, whose team won a comfortable away victory (1-3) against Everton .

Fortunately, neither the athlete’s girlfriend nor her guests ever encountered the intruders, although they experienced very distressing moments. “No one was hurt, but there was a lot of panic. Everyone was terrified, they felt very vulnerable,” a source explained to the aforementioned newspaper after emphasizing that none of them were yet familiar with the brand new home. “It’s a huge property, so it’s understandable that no one heard anything at first,” he added.

At least one of them found a device with which to immediately notify the police. In a matter of a few minutes, the authorities deployed a strong device made up of several cars, trained dogs and even a helicopter, as it was feared that the criminals could take advantage of the presence of Grealish’s relatives to hold them hostage.

The Cheshire Police Department has indicated in a statement that no arrests have been made, which is why it appeals to citizen collaboration to gather information that can clarify the whereabouts of the thieves. “Agents supported by police dogs and a unit from the National Air Police Service inspected the area, but no trace of the suspects has been found. No arrests have been made at this time and investigations continue,” reads an excerpt from the note. .

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