The Gift That Kevin Costner Gave to His New Girlfriend and That Infuriated His Ex-wife

Kevin Costner is not only known for his career as an actor and director, professions that led him to win an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director for Dance of Wolves (1990), but also for his furtive romances with actresses and supermodels . However, all that ended when he met Christine Baumgartner , mother of three of his children and from whom he recently separated after 18 years of marriage.

Although the relationship between the designer and Costner ended in May of this year and not on the best terms, in the last few hours it emerged that the gift that the interpreter of The Bodyguard (1992) would have given to his new girlfriend, the singer Jewel, angered his ex-wife .

According to American media reports, the 68-year-old actor had bought the 49-year-old artist a rather expensive guitar. In that sense, they clarified that the gift was for a charity event that the writer and singer-songwriter organized for her foundation.

Upon finding out, a source close to Baumgartner said: “Despite publicly saying that she is not surprised that Kevin has moved on, Christine is burning with jealousy .”

He added: “She thinks it’s pretty hypocritical of Kevin to parade around like this oversexed college jock, when she got so angry about the rumors that she herself had come out.”

It should be noted that the former couple reached an understanding last September, after the prenuptial agreement was confirmed. A judge ruled that Costner only had to pay Christine $63,209 a month from his $400 million fortune to care for the three teenagers they have together, Cayden (16), Hayes (14) and Grace (13).

How Kevin Costner and Jewel met

A source close to the couple provided details of the budding relationship between the actor and the artist in dialogue with the Daily Mail . “ Richard Branson is one hundred percent responsible for Kevin and Jewel getting hitched .” “She has been friends with Branson for years and he has been close friends with Kevin since the 90s,” she indicated.

It all started in November, at a charity event for the “You Were Meant for Me” singer that the businessman held on his private island in the Caribbean and where the actor was invited. “They get along very well and Jewel seems happy,” the source said.

Although they have not yet confirmed their romance, acquaintances of hers assured that they saw her in “a special light that she had not had for quite some time . ” In that sense, they revealed the preferences of the 49-year-old singer when it comes to falling in love: “She likes very macho men. “He likes Kevin’s country-western style . “

Rumors of a possible romance emerged when photos were leaked in the British Virgin Islands, where the event for Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation was held. At the time, TMZ called the relationship “pretty new.”

A witness to the event said that “there was definitely something between them” during the day. “When they were together, it was like they both lit up. You could tell that they were trying to be discreet, but anyone who saw them realized that something was happening,” he said.

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