Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato Showed for the First Time the Face of Cielo, Her One Year and Seven Month Old Daughter

There are several famous people who avoid showing their children on social networks, at least until they reach a certain age. Among them is Luisana Lopilato , who preferred to keep the face of Cielo, her one year and seven month old daughter, anonymous until December 24.

With the intention of sharing with her followers what she was doing during Christmas Eve, the actress published in her Instagram stories , an account in which she has 6.8 million followers, an image in which the youngest of the Bublé.

Luisana Lopilato

“My 24th was Christmas movies,” She wrote over the description on the image. There you can see the little girl with her blonde hair, the characteristic color of her mother, and the rest of her brothers, Noah (9), Elías (7), and Vida (4) , sitting on the lap of Michael Bublé’s wife, while They were both watching one of the thematic tapes.

Days ago, the former Married with Children revealed that Christmas was one of her favorite dates and surprised everyone with a detail in the tree decoration. “ One of my favorite dates of the year is coming and it couldn’t be less,” said Lopilato through a video he published on his social network and in which he showed the moment in which he and his family assembled the tree and placed it in Every corner of the house has a typical decoration for this holiday.

In the midst of the candy sticks, balls of all colors and a string of blue and red lights around the tree, Luisana and her children decorated the tree, with a Santa Claus, silver stars, the gifts at his feet and even a Spiderman . However, one detail among all the decorations caught everyone’s attention.

It was a snowball-shaped ornament that the actress placed on one of the twigs of the tree. Under the title “The Bublé Family” , she included inside the names of each member of the family in the form of flakes: Lu, Mike, Noah, Cielo, Vida, Elías and her dog Coquita . But that was not all, photographs of the family members also starred in the Christmas decoration.

Luisana Lopilato and very special news

Since Luisana Lopilato and Michael Bublé began their love story, she did not hesitate to leave Argentina and settle with him in Canada, the country where the singer is from. Together they began a life in Burnaby, a place where they have lived for more than a decade and where they chose to start a family.

A few weeks ago,She shared with her fans news that filled her with happiness.. “I want to share with you one of the greatest joys of my life, and that is that today I became a Canadian citizen !” She noted and added: “ Now, I am Argentine and Canadian. Couldn’t be better! ”.

Meanwhile, Luisana stressed that she tried for a long time to achieve this achievement. “To think that almost 16 years have passed…” she warned. And she related the main reason why she began this process: “ My husband and four children were born here… Therefore, being Canadian is an enormous privilege , for which I am immensely grateful to God and life.”

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