From Pedro Pascal to Ted Lasso, Many Prove That Wearing a Mustache Is Fashionable

A few years ago, my brother, who worked in the music industry in Mexico, came to visit us. He arrived with the attitude of an artist, with many hits under his arm, and a strange mustache decorating his smile. He had never let it on before, and the truth is that he looked like one of those that comes attached to a nose and glasses. We laughed all the days that his visit lasted. We’re sorry, but it was inevitable. Now we understand that he was a visionary because now wearing a mustache is cooler than ever.

Once again we see the cyclical quality of fashion, and just as the well-kept mustache was a symbol of fashion and masculinity in the years of Pedro Infante, as well as later, in the 70s, it returns triumphantly to provide personality and style. to those who leave it. The only difference is that the rules for wearing it now are not very strict.

Each person who joins the trend can do so with freedom and creativity, because there are many references and examples available to the public, both in real life and in fiction, and let Ted Lasso, the ingenious protagonist of the series of the same name, he has a seventies mustache that defines him.

Pedro Pascal, who is in the absolute splendor of his fame, starring in The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, stars in interviews, magazine covers, reports about his dressing style and has also come to wonder what happens to the people he likes “an old man like him.” Well, perhaps it will be his mustache, which also looks natural, without careful cuts and the same exotic touch that he wore in Game of Thrones, playing Oberyn Martell, the role that made him famous.

Paul Mescal, in the spotlight for his performance in Aftersun , lowers it or leaves it populated to his liking, without following the image rules that fame sometimes imposes.

Likewise, Colombian singer Camilo’s Dalí mustache, more than a characteristic feature, is a fundamental icon of his image. It is part of his personal brand, and he has even stated that since he left it, his career has gone much better. So significant is it that even a deaf fan with whom he recently shared explained that he had created a sign to define him, and this is nothing more than simulating lengthening his mustache.

Now, it is interesting to discover that, according to experts, the mustache is reemerging from the shadows with force since the pandemic. It was during the quarantine when men began to take charge – or rather relax – their own image. Dana Yegres, hair care specialist explains thatJust as it happened with women, they dared to confront their gray hair and managed to make them look beautiful,Men also found themselves faced with the need to cut their hair and groom their beards and mustaches themselves, giving rise to this new, studiously careless masculine image.

“These are global trends. Not only in the field of hair beauty, but we have also seen the proposal of the mustache in the fashion industry, with brands like Gucci, which rely on nostalgia as a powerful means of image. Also pop culture , as always, contributes a good part to the trends: celebrities, series, movies, they dictate guidelines as to what is cool, fresh and current, and the mustache is today one of those elements,” says Yegres.

This is how you get a good mustache
As we have seen, there is no specific trend in terms of mustache type, but if you want to get started in this trend, it is advisable to do it right. It is ideal to consult with an expert what type of mustache goes well with our type of face and characteristics, who knows if, as happened to Camilo, it is possible to give a boost to the personal image with this feature.

To start, a good first step is to grow a beard and mustache, so there will be more options to play with the desired look. It is important to be patient and maintain strict hygiene with neutral soaps, or shampoo, exfoliants and moisturizing lotions. In fact, it is necessary to wash after meals and after training, comb your mustache and even use waxes or creams to keep it soft.

It is also useful to have quality utensils, such as good razors and scissors that maintain even a minimum of order in the process. Likewise, and although it may seem repetitive, just as requiredvitamins to have beautiful and well-kept hairIt is important to maintain a balanced diet and adequate hydration to have a mustache.

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