Echo: Maya Will Be a Violent Villain and Not a Superhero in the Marvel Series

After a disastrous 2023, Marvel is preparing to launch one of its first experiments: a violent series that is not afraid to be explicit and more mature. This is Echo , the spin-off of Hawkeye (87%) in which we will learn more about Maya López, the mobster who betrayed Kingpin, and almost killed the archer, during her first appearance in the franchise. And it seems that that more vile side will be at the forefront of the production.

What is Echo, the Marvel series, about?

Through a new behind-the-scenes look, Echo promises to tell the story of a criminal and not necessarily a superhero. Starring Alaqua Cox, the show will tell how Maya must confront the criminal empire of Wilson Fisk ( Vincent D’Onofrio ), after shooting him and betraying him. In the material, director Sydney Freeland explains: “We wanted to touch on the line about whether Maya is good or bad, and I’m excited for audiences to see how realistic this show is.”

The trailer boasts the protagonist’s brutal fighting style and all the bones she will break as she faces different groups of gangsters. Marvel really wants to highlight that the tone will not be family friendly like their productions usually are. The show will also be the first in the franchise to carry the Spotlight label, that is to say: it will not have a connection with the largest saga, it will be a more contained story.

Without a doubt, focusing the series on a villain would be something new for Marvel. Freeland also explained to Entertainment Weekly that this is precisely why the studio allowed her to show the most violent consequences of their fights. It’s because she was an apprentice to Fisk, who taught her to speak with her fists, that they decided it was necessary to see her be as brutal as possible:

Because we made a series that is more street-oriented, it is a little more realistic and visceral. One of the most important things when I came to Marvel was telling them, ‘Well, she’s a villain in Hawkeye and that’s the most interesting thing about her.’ As production progressed, I had the opportunity to say, ‘Okay, what if she smashes someone’s head on the table and she actually loses a couple of her teeth?’ That’s the character and that’s her world. She’s a criminal, she’s a villain, she’s killing people.

It remains to be seen how much Marvel dares to push its limits with the series. At the moment, the first trailers seem to point to the tone of the Netflix Daredevil series. This is not entirely a coincidence, since both characters have a connection in the comics and it is known that Charlie Coxwill make his third appearance as the Man Without Fear in this show after his most comical participation in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (74%).

In any case, it will be up to the public and the fans to decide if Echo , and Maya’s story is something of value. The show, unlike the rest of Marvel Studios’ television productions, will arrive with its full season on Disney Plus starting January 9. For now, fans of the franchise will have to settle for the new episodes of What If…? (82%), whose third season has already been confirmed.

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