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Dua Lipa Removes Music Video Showing Explosions Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

Dua Lipa reportedly pulled a music video worth hundreds of thousands of pounds because she decided it was insensitive amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The 28-year-old singer is said to have ‘secretly’ filmed the promo, which is believed to have included explosions, as well as fighting crowds and chaos, before Hamas’ brutal bombing of Israel on October 7.

A music expert told The Sun he quit after ’emergency meetings’ between Dua Lipa’s team:

‘Last September a video was recorded for Dua Lipa’s next campaign. At its core, the video was funny but contained themes of mayhem, including car accidents, demolitions, explosions, fireworks, and fighting crowds. Dua and his team decided it would be insensitive for the video to be released given what happened on October 7 and since.’

The big-budget music video included hundreds of extras and would have coincided with the lead-up to the release of her third studio album in 2024.

On October 7, the Hamas terrorist group launched an attack against Israel that killed at least 1,200 people and sparked the current conflict in Gaza.

In a statement posted to her Instagram that month, an outraged Dua Lipa said:

‘Every day that passes, my heart aches for the people of Israel and Palestine. Grief for the lives lost in the horrific attacks in Israel. Pain as we witness the unprecedented suffering in Gaza, where 2.2 million souls, half of them children, endure unimaginable hardship. For now, I desperately hope for a ceasefire in Gaza and urge governments to stop the unfolding crisis. Our hope lies in finding the empathy to recognize this terrible humanitarian situation.’

It is not known what track accompanied the deleted video.

The album’s first single, ‘Houdini’, peaked at No. 2 in the charts when it was released in November.

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