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10 Reasons Why I’m Excited For The Bachelorette Premiere!

Let’s just be honest here: the Bachelorette season premiere on Monday night was pretty boring… and that was mostly thanks to so-dumb-it’s-hilarious villain, Corinne. The cringe-worthy clip show left us with more unanswered questions than answers, leaving viewers with little insight as to whether or not Rachel will give the upcoming guys a fair shot. But here’s the thing: I totally believe in Rachel, and I have a feeling this season is going to be great. Why? Well, for one – because we know these men are coming back! Let’s talk about why we can trust Rachel, why we know these dudes won’t be getting dumped after one date like last time, and why we should all be excited about what’s in store for us next Monday night.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m excited about the Bachelorette premiere!

Rachel is a Professional and She Won’t Let the Boys Get Away With Nonsense

As we saw in the last episode, some of the guys really crossed the line. If you’re looking for a relationship, then you surely shouldn’t be treating it like it’s a game – and yet, that’s exactly what a few of them did. As the Bachelorette, Rachel is in the position of power here, so she’s going to be much less forgiving than she was as the Bachelorette. Her job isn’t just to find love, but also to weed out the “nonsense”. If you want to be with Rachel, then you’ll have to respect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

We Know These Men are Coming Back

While there has always been some speculation about whether or not the Bachelorette contestants return for the next season, we all saw that the upcoming crop of men was there to stay. Of course, when the Bachelorette is dating multiple men at once, it’s hard to get to know them all well. But, as we saw in the last episode, Rachel has already broken up with some of the guys, making room for the new guys to step in. With a fresh batch of guys ready to go, Rachel is guaranteed to give her dates the attention they deserve, giving us a much better chance of getting answers to all those unanswered questions.

The Guys Are Going to Be Held Accountable

When Rachel initially chose the men from last season, she gave them all a clean slate. But it’s safe to say that slate has since been wiped clean. Now that she’s dating all new men, she won’t be holding back on letting them know what went down last time. As the Bachelorette, Rachel has the opportunity to let these men know exactly where they stand. She can be completely open and honest about what she did and didn’t like about the last group – and if the new guys don’t appreciate it, they can always go home. There’s no favoritism this time around, which means no one will be given a free pass because they were on the last season. Everyone is starting fresh, and they all have to prove themselves.

We’ll Finally Know Exactly What to Expect From Next Week (AKA, No More of This!)

Thanks to the cringe-worthy clip show, we were left with more questions than answers. The show left us with little insight as to whether or not Rachel will give the upcoming guys a fair shot. Unfortunately, the clip show left a lot to be desired. It was filled with cringe moments and over-the-top drama that left us with more unanswered questions than real insight. Unfortunately, the bulk of the episode was devoted to Corinne and Demario – two of the most cringe contestants in Bachelorette history. The host even joked during the episode that he was “tempted to throw [the episode] away”.

There’s a Shocking Twist we Haven’t Even Talked About Yet… And it Sounds Awesome.

This season’s Bachelorette is Rachel Lindsay, a 31-year-old lawyer from Dallas, Texas. The twist this year, though, is the show is casting not just one but two Bachelorettes. That’s right – we’ll be seeing two women go after the same guys. Each of the two Bachelorettes will be bringing three men to the “fantasy suite” – the final overnight date before the final rose ceremony. Whichever Bachelorette’s three men don’t make it back to the bachelor pad will be cut from the competition in the season finale. The best part? We don’t know who the two Bachelorettes are.

Bachelorette Season 15 Will Be Much DIFFERENT Than Last Night’s Episode

For starters, we’re finally going to be able to see these guys for who they are – not who they used to be. We saw snippets of their pasts, but this time around, we’ll have the chance to really get to know these men. We’ll get to see what they’re really like, what they’re passionate about, and what they’re looking for in a relationship. This season, Rachel will be able to get to know these men on a deeper level than ever before, meaning we’ll have a much better chance of getting answers to all those unanswered questions. We’ll be able to see how each of these men reacts to the Bachelorette, which will give us insight as to who she should and shouldn’t be dating.

Corinne Is Gone! That Means There Can Only Be Good Things Coming… Right? 🙂

As the first Bachelorette to ever be kicked off for breaking the rules, Corinne left the show on a very sour note. She literally broke the rules of the show by bringing a man to the fantasy suite – and that man was her own boyfriend! There’s no way she’s coming back for the next season: there is no way producers would let that happen. There’s no telling what she’ll do if given another chance at the Bachelorette, but it probably won’t be pretty. Perhaps that’s why this season’s Bachelorette is going to be a two-part event – one part Bachelorette and one part Bachelorette. That way, if Corinne attempts to return to the Bachelorette, she’ll be cut from the show.

Looking back, it’s clear that our Bachelorette, Rachel, has been waiting for this moment her whole life. She’s ready for the pressure, and she’s ready for the challenge ahead. The upcoming season is going to be a completely different ball game. There’s more than one Bachelorette vying for the attention of the same group of men, and there’s no more clip show to fall back on. There are no more unanswered questions, and there are no more Corinnes to give the show bad press. This is a brand new season, and it’s going to be the best one yet.

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