Couple uses $5 method to drop 150 lbs and add $25,000 to their bank account

(The Doctor's TV) - After losing 150 lbs and earning $25,000, the couple that won a locally sponsored weight loss challenge are now getting harsh criticism for their accomplishments. Callista and Jason Puchman, were able to lose a record-breaking amount of weight in just 1 month thanks to a combination of natural ingredients that helped them trigger a faster metabolic rate - stimulating massive weight loss even while resting.

Some contestants are saying that they cheated, and should be stripped of their purse prize and titles. By using a natural formula to accelerate their weight loss, many contestants are complaining that the couple would have never won, if it wasn't for the help of their formula.

The Puchman's turned $5 into $25,000 by dropping 150 lbs in 1 month, with their unique formula!

We sat down with the Puchman's to figure out the truth behind these allegations.

Doctor's TV: Have you heard what people are saying about your controversial victory?

The Puchman's: Yes, we've already heard it all. It's kind of funny that when you do something amazing that people deem impossible, they automatically assume that you cheated or used some kind of trick.

Doctor's TV: How easy was it for you two to win?

The Puchman's: Honestly speaking, it was very easy for us to win but that's no excuse to accuse us of cheating. All we did was a little research to work smarter not harder. Every piece of the formula that helped us win, can be purchased and used by anyone.

Doctor's TV: So, what was the formula that resulted in your incredible weight loss?

The Puchman's: We found really great information on the health benefits of rebalancing the stomach's bacteria, to help detoxify the body and promote massive weight loss. The efficiency of your stomach has a major impact on your digestion, nutrient absorption, and entire metabolism.

We had seen tons of great information about the acidic cleansing effects of apple cider vinegar so we tried testing it out. It helped improve our results slightly, but it wasn't until we combined it with Trim Genesis Garcinia that we saw the massive results we were looking for!

The Puchman's neighbor Steve Saunders used their method and lost 87 lbs in just 6 weeks.

Doctor's TV: Was it expensive to obtain Trim Genesis Garcinia?

The Puchman's: Not at all! Since Trim Genesis Garcinia is a completely natural formula, the supplier doesn't spend a lot to manufacture it. Additionally, they provided us with a free 1 month sample and we only paid for shipping! So we got Trim Genesis Garcinia for $5 and bottles of apple cider vinegar for $6 from a local grocery store.

Doctor's TV: Can you explain your exact strategy?

The Puchman's: Yes it's very simple for anyone to try. Every morning, we mixed 8 oz. of hot water with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and took Trim Genesis Garcinia with it. Other than that, we didn't change a single thing in our daily routines. 30 days later, my husband and I lost a combined 150 lbs and are both in better shape than ever before!

The powerful formula has resulted in shedding at least 20 lbs in just 1 month for our readers!

Why is Trim Genesis Garcinia so effective?

Trim Genesis Garcinia contains the naturally occurring ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, which boosts weight loss by blocking excess body fat production while increasing resting metabolism by more than 130%. This combination makes the body go from a fat-gain to fat-loss state while resting.

Trim Genesis Garcinia has been clinically proven to:

  1. Boosts Energy
  2. Rich in Antioxidants
  3. Help Eliminate Bad Toxins That Have Built Up Over the Years
  4. Help Regulate the Metabolism

We have provided a week-by-week breakdown of one of our staff members, Karen and her husband Jeff, who both jumped at the chance to test out the formula.

Their Results - Karen and Jeff lost a total 85 lbs of pure body fat in just 1 month using Trim Genesis Garcinia

"Every morning we each mixed one 8 oz. cup of hot water with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 Trim Genesis Garcinia capsule - exactly like the Puchman's."

Week One:

"One week after the Trim Genesis Garcinia diet we were surprised at the dramatic results. Our energy levels were up, and we weren't even hungry as usual. A welcomed side effect of the Trim Genesis Garcinia diet is its power to curb the appetite."

"Best of all, we didn't even change anything about our daily routines. On Day 7, we each got on the scale and couldn't believe our eyes. We had lost a combined total of 15 lbs. But we still weren't convinced, since they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. We wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks."

Week Three:

"After 3 weeks, all our doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! We're both down a few pants sizes and lost a combined 30 lbs. And we still have a ton of energy! Quite often, around the third week of other diets, you tend to run out of steam. But with Trim Genesis Garcinia our energy levels don't dip, instead they remain steady throughout the day."

Week Four:

"After the fourth week, our final results were shocking. We lost an unbelievable combined total of 85 lbs of fat since starting the Trim Genesis Garcinia diet! We feel blessed to have been able to see great results ourselves, and hope others will too. Using Trim Genesis Garcinia in week 4, we lost an additional 40 lbs!"


*EDITOR'S NOTE: The Puchman's have worked with the official suppliers of Trim Genesis Garcinia to temporarily provide free 1 month samples for our readers!

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